Decisionaire In A Nutshell

Create Questionnaire

Capture info about website visitors by creating a questionnaire.

Interpret Answers

Interpret the answer to a question or set of questions by creating conditions or rules to personalize content display.

Design Output

Design your interactive content with our easy to use drag and drop editor.


Deploy your interactive content by selecting the most appropriate method for your campaign.

Personalized Content – Exactly What Everyone Wants.

Decisionaire’s interactive content marketing software gives you everything you need to create and deploy all types of interactive content. Oh – and you don’t need a PhD in computer engineering to use Decisionaire!
  • ROI Calculators

  • Readiness Assessments

  • Online Quizzes

  • Automated Price Quotes

  • Personalized Infographics

  • Personalized White Papers


So What Does This Cost?

Find out instantly, by answering the questions on the right and you’ll get a personalized price quote. This “pricing decisionaire” also serves as a great example of something that you can create by using our software – and no technical skill is needed! The result you’ll see after answering the questions can be text, video, or an image.

  • "Decisionaire is a valuable component of our content marketing efforts. It allows potential clients to easily and objectively self-assess their situation relative to industry benchmarks and to determine whether or not they can benefit from our products."

    Heather Guild, CMO

    Optimum Health
  • "Since using Decisionaire we’ve seen our content marketing lead generation increase significantly – and the leads are of a higher quality!”

    Chris Childers

    SVP, Velaro
  • "With Decisionaire I can provide personalized advice to nonprofit organizations and their funders through a web-browser. This provides me with great vehicle to market on-site consulting services"

    David Hunter, Ph.D.

    Founder, Hunter Consulting
  • “We wanted a more engaging form of content for our online marketing campaigns that’s effective and reasonably priced – Decisionaire turned out to be the answer.”

    Alex Bloom

    CEO, Statuscast
  • "With Decisionaire we’re able to create as many online assessments and quizzes as we’d like without any technical resources and at a fraction of the cost of the other alternatives."

    Jennifer Alterwitz

    VP Marketing, SCH Group
  • "Decisionaire gives us the ability to create and improve dynamic, online assessment tools at will - without software developers!”

    Peter York

    Chief Research Officer, TCC Group