A Fairy Tale: The Expert, A Website, and Decisionaire

June 17, 2013 | by Jeff Mason

A Fairy Tale: The Expert, A Website, and Decisionaire

Once upon a time there was a brilliant, well-respected performance management expert. He consulted with human service organizations in the U.S. and abroad and helped these organizations to improve their ability to address some of the world’s most pressing social issues like poverty, hunger, domestic violence, and substance abuse.

Like us all, our hero was getting older and traveling the word to perform one-on-one consulting engagements was becoming increasingly difficult. He was getting tired and was thinking about retirement. But, if he stopped, who would or could fill his role? What would happen to the thousands of organizations that never had access to his knowledge? There was still so much to do.

The expert felt that it was important that others have access to his expertise. After all, the expert’s guidance was responsible for transforming his clients into high-performing non-profit organizations capable of bringing about positive, lasting change to the lives of those in need. The implications of the expert’s efforts are world changing and it would be a tragedy for his knowledge to become inaccessible when the expert retired. But the expert was weary and he had a dilemma.

One evening, after ingesting many margaritas made with the finest top-shelf tequila, our hero had a vision. He saw a day where personalized, automated, instant advice could be provided to anyone with Internet access without having to deal with the effort, knowledge and expense associated with building a software application. When he found Decisionaire the expert’s dream was realized.

The expert thought about the advice that he typically provided to his clients. He considered the information that he gathered during his consulting engagements and how he interpreted this information to draw conclusions and offer advice. With this, the expert was able to “codify” his decision-making expertise by using Decisionaire. Keep in mind; the expert’s technical proficiency was limited. Luckily for our hero, configuring Decisionaire is easy and doesn’t require any technical skill.

By leveraging Decisionaire to create an online assessment that provides immediate, personalized advice, the expert has made it possible for anyone with Internet access to tap into his knowledge – forever. The expert can now relax, drink his margaritas, play his guitar and rest easy that at the same time he is still helping to make the world a better place.

By the way, our hero charges a fee for people to access his automated advice and Decisionaire processes the financial transactions for him. So not only is the expert helping to make the world a better place but he’s also generating revenue and supplementing his retirement income.

Good story? Well it’s actually true – with a few minor embellishments. Check out our hero’s website and see how he’s realizing his vision with Decisionaire.