Accessing The Future Of Content Marketing

February 24, 2014 | by Jeff Mason

Accessing The Future Of Content Marketing

For more than 20 years, Jamie Notter has been consulting on issues of leadership, conflict, and diversity.  An avid speaker and writer, Jamie uses these forms of communication to build awareness of his consultancy, provide others with samples of his expertise, and to generate leads for his business.

Recently, Jamie found out about Decisionaire and chose to use it to provide automated, online, personalized advice regarding the strength of an organization’s culture.  Jamie’s Culture Strength Test is free.  It asks you to rate 40 simple statements and then instantly presents you with a personalized report that analyzes the results and provides suggestions for improvement.

To create this decisionaire, Jamie first created a set of statements that you can rate.  This is very similar to something you might do with SurveyMonkey or other online survey software.

With Decisionaire, you can assign a numeric value to each answer/rating option.  Jamie then creates a set of rules for how the answer or rating values should be used to determine which pieces of dynamic content should display under certain circumstances.  For instance, Jamie could say, “if the total rating value of statements 1-10 are greater than 10 then show ….” Next, Jamie decides how he wants his final report to look and where in the report dynamically personalized information will show.

After configuring all of the elements of a decisionaire, Jamie is presented with a link that he can use to access the final product.  He can take this link and use it on his blog or embed it in on button on his website, or share it with others via Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In or other social media outlets.

Jamie’s use of Decisionaire to fuel his inbound marketing efforts is innovative and this type of effort will become more commonplace now that a tool like Decisionaire exists.  Before Decisionaire, to build something like this, you would need to hire web developers to build this for you.  Hiring software developers to write “code” for something like this is very expense – not to mention difficult and costly to edit and maintain.

A recent survey by Hanley-Wood Business Media reported that 78% of Chief Marketing Officers think custom content is the future of marketing.  For Jamie Notter, the future of marketing is now.