CPAs & Cutting Edge Marketing

October 15, 2013 | by Jeff Mason

CPAs & Cutting Edge Marketing

To beat the competition, to stand out, and to build a memorable brand – businesses need an effective marketing function. A major component of most marketing functions is content marketing. This involves using content to attract potential clients to your business. This content typically consists of white papers, brochures, articles, blogs, and maybe a video. Many businesses regurgitate the same content used by those that they compete with over and over again. I mean – I must get a promo for a “new” white paper on the “top tips for improving social media performance” weekly. The content most businesses use in their content marketing efforts isn’t unique and unless the practice of content marketing evolves its impact will decline.

SC&H Group is a great example of a business that has evolved. SC&H Group is leading the way with a new form of content marketing. The really interesting thing is that SC&H Group isn’t some hot new technology company that is on the cutting edge of everything. SC&H is an audit, tax, and consulting firm. It’s a bunch of CPAs!

SC&H Group understands that to effectively compete in a very competitive space they need to be different. When learning about Decisionaire they saw an opportunity to create a variety of personalized content that they could use in their content marketing initiatives to draw attention to their business, demonstrate their expertise to potential clients, and build brand awareness. The first decisionaire that SC&H Group developed promotes their (SOC)/SSAE 16 audit practice.

(SOC)/SSAE 16 compliance is important for vendors who need to demonstrate to their clients and potential clients that they have established effective operational and internal controls. For a SaaS Software vendor this is very important since part of this framework involves the security and privacy of data.

Using Decisionaire, SC&H Group created a SOC2 Security Audit Readiness Decisionaire. This is a free online tool that SC&H built using Decisionaire without any technical expertise. The decisionaire allows an online visitor to answer a handful of questions, click a button, and instantly get advice about their readiness for a formal SOC2 Security Audit. This is an example of the next stage of content marketing. To check out their press release on this new decisionaire click here.

Next up for SC&H Group will be to use Decisionaire to create a personalized, online brochure. After answering a few questions the personalized brochure decisionaire will instantly produce a brochure that specifically addresses the needs of the website visitor.

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