Decisionaire Beta Launch

March 15, 2013 | by Jeff Mason

Decisionaire Beta Launch

madscientistYes friends, an experiment that will change the world is about to begin – and you can take part!

Understanding that success in life is related to the decisions that we make, a long-haired, bearded genius has emerged from a hole in the ground to help mankind live a better life. Our hero has created something called “Decisionaire.” Decisionaire provides experts in any field with an easy way to share – or sell – their decision-making expertise via the Internet. We are now ready for a few special individuals to take part in beta testing this earth-shattering invention.

Beginning today, you can sign-up to participate in the beta testing of Decisionaire. To sign up, spin around in a circle 3 times and then email  After we receive your email you’ll be contacted by a member of the Decisionaire team who will provide you with a set of secret instructions and will walk you through everything you need to take part in the beta.

On a serious note, we’ve been working on Decisionaire for a while and we really think it has great potential. We’re excited to get your feedback, make any necessary improvements, and get to a general release that exceeds everyone’s expectations.