Decisionaire, Jobs & Improving the Economy

May 20, 2013 | by Jeff Mason

Decisionaire, Jobs & Improving the Economy

At this point there are almost 12 million unemployed in the U.S. About 4 million have been unemployed for more than 27 weeks. One place where everyone – Republican, Democrat, and Independent – are in agreement is that we need more jobs. More jobs means more people have money to spend and the economy improves – simple right? We all benefit if more people have money in their pocket and a feeling that they have a purpose and that they are contributing to society. Now, let me explain how Decisionaire can help.

We are all good at something. If you think hard enough, everyone can identify something that they believe that they can do better than most others. If you boil down what it means to be good at something it typically means that you are able to make the right choices – the choices that lead to success. This could be anything from picking the right financial investment to making the right career choices to selecting the right mate to selecting the right pineapple to buy at the market. Financial investments, career choices, and selecting the right mate are big decisions with big consequences – the pineapple doesn’t have consequences that are quite as serious as the others but I know I hate wasting money on a pineapple that is hard and dry. Like the pineapple, there are other hundreds of smaller choices that we make everyday that are important and that we don’t do well. We are all good at making some decisions and bad at others. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all leverage each other’s decision-making advice to do better?

With Decisionaire anyone can turn his or her decision-making expertise into an online software tool – without any technical expertise. So, for those who are unemployed, but have some decision making expertise that could be of benefit to others – whether how to pick the best pineapple or something more significant like how to select the right school to attend – you can use Decisionaire to “codify” your decision-making expertise and sell it to others via the Internet. Decisionaire takes care of everything – including the processing of online credit card transactions. You can use Decisionaire for free and if you sell your decisionaire then we take a 30% transaction fee. If you don’t sell anything then you pay nothing.

Decisionaire allows anyone to basically start a new business. This could be a full-time job or something that supplements another source of income. All you need is some decision making advice that you think others would find beneficial. You don’t even need a website. When you create a decisionaire it comes with a purchase page that includes a description of your product and the ability to process a credit card transaction. All you need to do is make sure that others have access to the URL that Decisionaire generates. You can share this with others via your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. You can do this all for free.

Decisionaire is an easy to use technology platform that anyone can use to start a business for free. Decisionaire can help to address our country’s unemployment crisis. Decisionaire can help improve the U.S. economy. There I said it. Sounds big huh? Well, I think it could be.