Drowning In A Sea Of Content Marketing

July 22, 2014 | by Jeff Mason

Drowning In A Sea Of Content Marketing

93% of B2B organizations use content marketing (Source: Content Marketing Institute).   Many develop content in the form of a blog – a proven approach for improving search engine relevancy.  We also see many that create content that is more suited for human consumption by developing well-designed ebooks, whitepapers, and infographics.  However, according to a new report by Demand Metric titled “Enhancing The Buyer’s Journey: Benchmarks for Content & The Buyer’s Journey,” content marketing has become so widespread that many businesses are beginning to see signs of content fatigue.  Today, we are swimming in a sea of content and the daily bombardment of content we experience dilutes the potency of each individual piece.

The Demand Metric report discusses what is referred to as “passive content” and “interactive content.”  According to Demand Metric – passive content is defined as that which stimulates little or no engagement.  This content is generally static – such as a white paper PDF.  Interactive content on the other hand is defined as that which requires some level of interaction or engagement.  Examples of interactive content include assessments, quizzes and ROI calculators.  Now, if you’ve read any of the blogs I’ve posted in the past, then you know that this gets me pumped up.  I’ve been preaching the value of interactive content for a long time and this report backs me up.

For instance, the Demand Metric study finds that most of you out there are not developing interactive content.  In fact, only 25% of those surveyed are producing this type of content.  This is interesting since the survey also found that interactive content resulted in a website conversion 70% of the time as opposed to passive content which only saw a website conversion rate 36% of the time.

You can crank out as much content as you’d like.  But just remember that your competitors are doing the same thing.  So in a tsunami of content, very little is getting digested by your target audience.  And, if your content isn’t consumed, then it won’t result in a website conversion or help to build a positive brand image – and therefore all this content is of little value.  Content that is engaging and interactive will always be more effective and influential than content that isn’t.

Maybe the problem is that creating interactive content is expensive???  Well, in the past this was true.  To create this type of content you needed to hire software developers.  But now, with products like Decisionaire, anyone can create interactive content easily and cost effectively.  So what are you waiting for?