The interactive part of interactive content

Gather information organically about your website visitors and/or their organization via questionnaires. Decisionaire makes it easy to build your questionnaire by providing a wide range of question types in an intuitive structure. Decisionaire also gives you the ability to associate a numeric value with each answer option, meaning you can provide your visitors with results tailored to their experience.



The Heart & Soul of Decisionaire

Provide meaningful results based on actual information input by your site visitors. In this screenshot, Decisionaire is configured to tell your site visitor which pricing package is most appropriate for their needs based on how they answer a specific question. In this case the automated price quote is delivered as an image but your result could be text, a video or anything you can place on a webpage.


pretend you’re a web-designer

Personalize content for your website visitors with our drag and drop design editor. Creating visually captivating content with our easy to use editor makes you feel like a design pro.



Turn on the lead gen machine!

Let the dogs loose on your interactive content marketing by publishing your newly created interactive content (what we like to refer to as a “decisionaire.” ) Simply copy and paste a few lines of JavaScript into your webpage, then activate the status of your “decisionaire,” and you’re ready to roll.