Is the future of content marketing interactive online surveys?

November 19, 2014 | by Jeff Mason

Is the future of content marketing interactive online surveys?

Interactive online surveys have already begun to permeate the marketplace. From pop culture-oriented quizzes on sites like BuzzFeed (which adds dozens more every day, and was recently valued at nearly 1 billion-yes-that’s-with-a-B dollars), to website design advice from the US Department of Health and Human Services, the next generation of interactive, engaging content is already here. According to Forrester Research: “Rich digital media is not just a trend; it’s the future of advertising. Agencies leveraging innovative design tools and technology have proven their effectiveness in driving higher engagement online in a cluttered Web environment.”

There is a growing research base that speaks to the various considerations organizations should review when implementing this kind of innovative tool. In terms of performance, interactive online surveys have already demonstrated CTR of more than 50% and conversion rates in excess of 80%.

Many organizations, still struggling to catch up with the impact of widespread use of mobile devices on their advertising and content strategies, will be far behind the curve when interactive online surveys become the norm. Similarly, infographics are still beyond the scope of many companies, despite having been a leading method of brand-building for the last 3-5 years. While few will dispute the value of keeping up with your audience’s content consumption habits, many still struggle to muster the creative resources required to design and distribute new media like infographics—or the technical resources to update and optimize web content and advertising for mobile devices.

The beauty of interactive online surveys is that they can be designed by the technologically illiterate and, while they certainly benefit from graphical support, that isn’t necessary. Whether they take the form of ROI calculators or interactive quizzes, it’s easy to transform content that might otherwise have been a spreadsheet or whitepaper into lead gen and social sharing machines.

How can you get started with interactive online surveys?

Do you have online content that is ready to be personalized in an interactive online survey? Contact the Decisionaire team about your idea. Whether it’s creating a new form of revenue by converting your expertise into interactive online content or just providing a more engaging way to interact with stakeholders, we’re happy to help you bring your idea to life.

Still struggling with what content might be a good candidate to transform into an interactive online survey? Here are some general examples that might give you the inspiration you’re looking for.