June 8, 2018 | by Jeff Mason


getting-leadsImagine that you need to find a new software solution.  So, the first thing you do is a web search and you get a bunch of results.  Now you have a list of potential options to investigate.  But before you start getting in touch with a salesperson and scheduling demos and free trials – wouldn’t you want to know if the software solution you’re considering is something that’s within your budgetary ballpark?  Of course, you would want an idea of pricing before moving forward.  This is why pricing information is a primary concern of most buyers early in the buying cycle.  This also presents an opportunity that you can use to your advantage to improve your online lead generation.

To accommodate the prospect’s desire for some indication of price early in the buying cycle – many organizations, in recent years, have added a pricing page to their website.  But still, many of these sites refrain from offering pricing for the “enterprise version” of their products and instead, they simply include a hyperlink to a form to “contact sales.”

Since real buyers make the best leads – why not score some points with them by giving them what they want and cranking up your lead generation at the same time?  Make your website visitors happy and provide them with the pricing information they seek – even if it’s an estimate – so that they don’t feel as though they are wasting their time.  You can do this and still get something in return.  In fact, if you’re smart you can turn the serious buyer on your website into a quality lead for your sales team – a real win/win situation.  The site visitor gets a price estimate and you secure a new quality lead.


Here’s the secret to creating a new lead conversion point on your website that produces high-quality leads – include an automated price quote generator on your website.  Research shows that leads captured as the result of a prospect answering a set of price quote related questions engage in the sales process 48% of the time.  This is tremendous considering that typically only 5-15% of inquiries are considered sales-ready and willing to actively engage when contacted by sales.

So now you’re probably thinking one – or several – of the following:

1.     How do I build something like that without spending a fortune?

2.     My pricing is too complicated to automate.

3.     We MUST have a prospect talk to a salesperson before they can get pricing

Let me address each of the above – below:

1.     Decisionaire can be used to create an automated price quote for less than $500/mo.

2.     I doubt it.  And, if your pricing model is very complex I’m confident that Decisionaire can accommodate it.  Let us take a look – there’s no obligation, and no cost to take a look.

3.     Why?  Why can’t you provide an automated price quote that includes a statement like: “This is just a quote.  For firm pricing contact sales.”  If you configure your automated price quote strategically it could be a great lead-in for a more effective sales conversation.

Everyone is always looking for new ways to boost lead volume and quality.  In marketing, finding new things that work requires some experimentation.  This is an idea worth trying.