Decisionaire: A Revolution in Decision-Making

February 12, 2013 | by Jeff Mason

Decisionaire:  A Revolution in Decision-Making

Plato once said that “a good decision is based on knowledge and not numbers.”   Think about it, two people can look at the same set of numbers and come up with two totally different conclusions about how to act on those numbers.  We see this every day in how Congress interprets data.  Democrats see things one way and Republicans another.  They then use their interpretation of data to make decisions – in this case some very important decisions.

Making the right decisions in life is everything – from selecting the best school, career, mate, etc.  And some of us are better than others when it comes to swirling information about a specific subject inside our heads to formulate a conclusion.  Making the right decisions depends on how you make sense of information – how you interpret information.

We’re all good at something.  Everyone’s life experiences are unique and this uniqueness provides each of us with some kind of decision making advantage.  For some of us realizing this advantage – our special area of expertise – is easier than for others.  Whether it’s knowing how to interpret the color, feel, and smell of a pineapple (the data) to determine which pineapple is the best one for you to buy (the decision) or it’s something more complex like interpreting a bunch of data to make a rewarding financial investment.  We all have something to offer and there is always someone else out there that could use help when it comes to making a decision.  For me, when I think about this, the opportunity bell in my head begins to ring – and this is where Decisionaire comes in.

With Decisionaire anyone can turn their special decision making expertise into a web-based tool that can help others to make better decisions.  And, since you’re helping others, and providing them with something of value, then it’s only fair that you charge a fee for access to your automated decision making expertise.

The cool thing is that you don’t have to be technically proficient to build a Decisionaire.  You don’t have to be a software developer or understand what it takes to run a software company or know how to handle online financial transactions.  Anyone with a brain can do this – and make money.

What Decisionaire is doing is more than cool.  It’s not just another tech fad or a toy whose real value is hard to understand and quantify.  Decisionaire is doing something that can provide a new opportunity to those suffering from today’s global economic crisis.  With the U.S. unemployment rate north of 9% and government officials either paralyzed or half-witted and unable to do much of anything the launch of Decisionaire may be able to help.

With Decisionaire you can start a new business with a laptop, an internet connection, and some type of decision making expertise in less than hour.  You can create a decisionaire that helps people pick pineapples and charge $2.00 a pop or create something really sophisticated and charge $10,000.  Oh, one other thing, you can build a Decisionaire for free – how about that?  Decisionaire takes a cut of the revenue you generate.  So, if you don’t make money then either does Decisionaire.  This means it’s in our best interest to market and push the Decisionaires you create.  We’re in this together – the perfect win/win scenario.

Regarding this blog, this will be the first of many.  In subsequent posts I plan to:

  •  – Discuss the significance of Decisionaire – especially in today’s economy.
  •  – Provide ideas for new Decisionaires that could be created
  •  – Describe how to use Decisionaire to make money and better decisions
  •  – Provide examples of Decisionaire successes

So get ready for a ride.  If we work together Decisionaire will change everything.