Leading with Interactive Content Marketing

May 30, 2018 | by Jeff Mason

Leading with Interactive Content Marketing

Content marketing needs to evolve to remain relevant. TV marketing teams understand that, as do industry giants like Moz and Salesforce.

Interactive content marketing is that evolution. It’s more than just animated infographics or interactive maps (though some of those take the extra step to become interactive content marketing, and as a result are very cool – check out the dynamic text beneath the map).

Interactive content marketing is personalized content that solicits audience engagement to bring it to life. In terms of providing value to your audience, this personalization is key. Who wouldn’t be more invested in advice that has been tailored to their specific needs rather than generic “3 quick tips” content? Barring serious quality issues, the personalized content has greater relevance and likely greater credibility.

It also makes your job as a marketer easier.

While you still need to know your audience to create compelling content, interactive content marketing makes your audience do the dirty work of identifying themselves (making your content more effectively targeted) and does so in an engaging way.

How To “Do” Interactive Content Marketing

The basics of content marketing still apply to interactive content marketing. You still want to identify your audience, their needs, their language, and “where” they spend their time. The only thing that makes interactive content marketing a little bit trickier is collecting and structuring the options or choices operating the background of your content to make the “output” personalized for your potential leads.

These could be something as simple as single-select lists for categories like company size, job title and industry, or a “click all that apply” list for business needs or desired features. Ultimately, there just needs to be some measure of meaningful choice so that different audiences will receive correspondingly different results from engaging with your interactive marketing content.

Do not provide allegedly “interactive content” that yields the same result no matter what inputs your audience provides! This will turn away potentially interested leads and hurt your credibility.

Data Sets for Interactive Content Marketing

There are a number of sources you can use to create the pool of options or choices your interactive content marketing will need in order to provide personalized outputs.

Try publically available data—in the last several months, Time, BBC, and The New York Times have all used public data sets to produce some great interactive content.

Alternatively, take the same kind of “informative content” or “trusted advisor” approach you might use for a whitepaper to provide decision-making expertise to your audience, in a personalized format.

At the most basic level, you can build interactive content around the information you might include in a pricing chart or ROI calculator.

You can see a simple example of interactive content via the personalized pricing brochure on our homepage.