An Example of a Decisionaire to Drive Leads: Personalized Online Community Readiness Decisionaire

January 31, 2014 | by Jeff Mason

An Example of a Decisionaire to Drive Leads:  Personalized Online Community Readiness Decisionaire

Decisionaire is a new and innovative tool that can be used to create online content that is dynamically personalized based on how someone answers a question or a set of questions.  The ability to easily and affordably create this new type of personalized content provides organizations with an additional resource that can fuel a successful content marketing initiative.

There is soaring interest in content marketing.  Yet recent research performed by the Content Marketing Institute found that 64% of those survived claim that producing enough content is the biggest issue for B2B marketers.  Decisionaire provides a new source of content.  The possibilities are endless.  This blog post provides an example of how one of Decisionaire’s clients put Decisionaire to work.

Online Community Results specializes in private social communities for associations.  They provide outsourced community management, coaching for community managers, consulting, and community strategy services.  As part of their brand building and lead generation strategy they have chosen to use Decisionaire to power their content marketing effort.  With Decisionaire they’ve created an Online Community Readiness Decisionaire.

Basically, the Online Community Readiness Decisionaire asks 6 questions and based on how you answer these questions you will get an instant response that will tell you how prepared your organization is to run a successful online community.  It also provides advice about what you should do to improve.

Instead of using Decisionaire, Online Community Results could have chosen to simply produce a PDF whitepaper that provides the same advice to everyone regarding what an organization needs to do to run a successful online community.  But they chose to be different and engaging and instead of delivering generalized content they now have something that provides every individual with personalized advice by using Decisionaire.  Which would you prefer?