The Next Evolutionary Stage of Content Marketing

September 19, 2013 | by Jeff Mason

The Next Evolutionary Stage of Content Marketing

Recently – while holding his iPhone – a friend explained how amazing it is that he was holding all of human knowledge in his little greasy hand.  Just think about how easy it is for anyone with Internet access to get any information they want.  Most of us just take this for granted.  I know my kids do.  We’ve become spoiled and accustom to having the knowledge of all humanity at our fingertips.

This is important to realize when thinking about how to market your business.  A recent survey I read suggested that 9 out of 10 businesses include content marketing (whitepapers, blogs, ebooks, articles) as part of their marketing strategy.  Those who are successful at content marketing will tell you that the content that you provide must deliver useful information to it’s target audience that can’t easily be found elsewhere.

Now, content marketing involves attracting potential clients to your organization by offering them access to this useful content.  But because this content is offered to masses of people, the information and advice that the content contains must be generalized.  It is not specific to the needs of each and every individual.

So, here’s the problem that traditional content marketing faces – the value of generalized content that is made available in the vast majority of content marketing initiatives will become increasingly less appetizing due to our ability to easily access information from all corners of the Internet with the click of a button.   Why offer my contact information to a company in exchange for access to a whitepaper when I can probably find that whitepaper somewhere else on the Internet?  Since the paper offers generalized advice it – or an equivalent – is probably available in a multitude of virtual locations.

The option is to begin to offer personalized content and advice.  This is the next evolutionary stage of content marketing.  If you can provide a way to allow a prospect to answer a question or a set of questions and then instantly provide them with a whitepaper, brochure, or ebook that is specifically tailored to them then this would be something of unique value that would be difficult – or even impossible – to find anywhere else.

Until recently, to be able to deliver personalized content to masses of people via the Internet you would need to hire a team of software developers to essentially build you a software application – which is expensive not only to create but to support and maintain.  And, if you wanted to create more than one, the price and effort just doesn’t make sense.  Enter Decisionaire.

Decisionaire makes it possible for anyone, regardless of your technical capability to create, share, and even sell online assessments that instantly provide personalized content.  You could use this to deliver personalized brochures, whitepapers, reports, ebooks, etc.  Decisionaire makes it possible for any business to take their content marketing to a new level.  The time to evolve is now.