I Think You Need This Industry Certification

April 30, 2017 | by Jeff Mason

I Think You Need This Industry Certification

You’d be right to have a number of objections to that statement. They’d likely include:
But- what do you know about my industry?
But – what do you know about my skill level?
And- even if you (or whomever you’re recommending) have mastered everything I want to learn, why should I believe that you/they would be a good teacher or trainer?

When someone claims you need an industry certification, why should you ever listen?

Can they prove the value and the fit of the training provider to you? And can they do it conveniently and conclusively—because you aren’t going to give them an hour to make the case.

Find a real example of what this might look like at the end of this blog post, using a content marketing training organization as the example.

Interactive Online Content Helps Site Visitors Get Certified

Any website can serve as a resume and portfolio of sorts for prospective trainers, supported by customer testimonials to re-assure site visitors that this training or coaching provider isn’t a swindler. If the content on the website is on target with its messaging, the website can also appeal to the pain points a visitor is likely to be experiencing.

However, only a piece of interactive content can use the input provided by a site visitor to present that site visitor with information uniquely relevant to their individual skill level and priorities.

This unique fit is essential for conversion – as it takes the expertise the training agency would have demonstrated in person, if given the opportunity, and offers it to prospective customers in a digital, self-service format.

If you don’t have the expertise, interactive content will surely not help you fake it. But if you do have the expertise, interactive online surveys and assessments are fantastic ways of showing prospective customers that you can meet them at their level, before training them to the level of proficiency to which they aspire.

Supporting Inbound Marketing Efforts with Interactive Content

Effective inbound marketing efforts get a potential customer to your site – but what do you do once they are there? How do you secure the conversion?

As suggested immediately above, you do it by demonstrating that you are a clear fit for their specific needs.

It’s a delicate balance though, between 1) seeming like you aren’t saying anything of substance because you’re using industry buzzwords and 2) being accessible by using terminology that your site visitors are most likely to understand and respond to. This is particularly problematic when you are trying to demonstrate industry expertise as an organization offering a training course or certification, as if site visitors aren’t sold on your expertise, they certainly won’t be buying your training.
Interactive content lets you tailor your messaging to each site visitor, based on what information they’ve provided you.

Each question and set of answer choices you provide is an opportunity to show prospective customers that you really are a master in your field.

And each answer choice they select makes it easier for you to understand where they’re coming from and what they’re looking to learn specifically – so you can provide information that is uniquely relevant to them. If you’ve designed your interactive content well, before they even see the results page, your visitors should feel confident that you can help them.

If you’re interested in content marketing, take the sample assessment below and let us know if you felt confident in this hypothetical agency’s training abilities before you saw the results page. Contact us here.

And if you’re determined not to use interactive content marketing for this purpose, here’s a few suggestions for increasing conversions without using personalized content.

Sample Interactive Assessment for Industry Certification