July 30, 2013 | by Jeff Mason


When speaking to someone about Decisionaire I often get the question “how is Decisionaire different from SurveyMonkey?” Well, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you.

Let’s start with the problem that Decisionaire addresses.  If you have some advice that you believe others would find of value then you can share that advice in order to drive sales leads, generate revenue, and to build your brand.

We share our advice via speaking engagements, webinars, and by writing whitepapers, articles, and e-books.  But advice offered this way is generalized – it’s not specific to the needs of an individual.

To offer the best type of advice – personalized advice – we have 2 options:

  1. Perform a one-on-one consulting engagement
  2. Hire software developers to codify your expertise in a software application

Option 1 is difficult to scale.  Option 2 is the only way to make personalized advice available to masses of people via the Internet.  Option 2 is also a pain in the ass for most people.  It’s expensive, time consuming and typically difficult to edit – without more money and more time.

For most people option 2 just doesn’t make sense.  So the problem is that there isn’t an easy, do-it-yourself way to create, share, and sell personalized advice to masses of people – until Decisionaire.

Decisionaire makes it possible for anyone, regardless of their technical capabilities to create, edit, share, and sell personalized advice to the masses via the Internet.

By accessing a decisionaire, you get a set of questions that you need to answer.  Upon answering the questions – and clicking a button – you instantly get personalized advice.  This is important.  Notice that the person answering the questions gets something of value by using Decisionaire.  Therefore it is conceivable that they would pay a fee to access the decisionaire that someone has created.  This is why Decisionaire provides functionality that facilitates the financial transactions that occur when someone accesses an available decisionaire.

Now lets look at SurveyMonkey.  SurveyMonkey is online survey software.  Its purpose is to collect information for the benefit of someone other than the person answering the questions in the survey.  Therefore selling SurveyMonkey surveys to those answering the survey questions just doesn’t make sense and as a result SurveyMonkey doesn’t provide the capability to sell surveys.

Also, SurveyMonkey provides information like “50% of the people that answered question 1 selected answer option A.”  SurveyMonkey doesn’t draw conclusions and offer advice – Decisionaire does.

Make sense?  If not, let us know.  We’d be happy to discuss.