We’re All A Bunch Of Liars!

February 20, 2018 | by Jeff Mason

We’re All A Bunch Of Liars!

You get an email or see a promo for some type of content that you think would be of value to you.  You click the link and you’re presented with a form that asks you to answer a set of questions in order to get access to the content you want.  You know perfectly well that the information you submit in the form will be used to sell you something.

Because you don’t want a salesperson hounding you and you don’t want to get slammed with a bunch of emails you don’t care about – you opt to enter bogus information into the lead form.  We’ve all done this before.  According to Demandbase, 20 percent of data entered into forms is incorrect and more than 80 percent of people survived reported lying on such forms.  In fact, a recent Marketing Sherpa survey reveals that 29% of those surveyed admitted to rarely (or never) telling the truth about the size of their organization when asked on a form.  And, about 70% admitted to lying when asked questions other than the typical contact and demographic questions most forms attempt to capture.  Just think about the impact this has on sales productivity – not to mention your ability to effectively nurture these contacts into a sale.

There are a number of tactics that you can employ to try and reduce the lying we all are guilty of – like reducing the amount of data you collect in a form.  However, none of these tactics will have a significant impact on those lying bastards.  To do better and significantly reduce the lying, we need to alter our content marketing approach.

We all know that the more content is tailored to the specific needs of an individual the better.  Personalized content is – without a doubt – more powerful and compelling.  And with tools like Hubspot you can begin to create more personalized content – but even so, you’ll still get people who lie on the lead form in order to get access to this personalized content.

Understanding the power of personalized content, we can now try something a little different.  What if, the content you provide is personalized based on the way in which someone answers a question or a set of questions?  If the prospect understands that their answers will drive the personalization of the content that they want, then they will be encouraged to provide truthful information about themselves.  After all, if they lie, then the content they receive won’t be personalized to their needs.

With such an approach, we now have the ability to not only capture basic demographic and contact information that is truthful – but also the illusive “other” category of information that 70% typically lie about.  It’s this type of information that you can’t easily capture by placing a cookie in someone’s web browser.  This is the type of information that can then spawn highly personalized and relevant drip email campaigns to more effectively nurture the lead into a sale.

So now, you’re either thinking “what the hell is this guy talking about?” or you’re thinking, “how can I do this?” or maybe you’re just thinking, “what’s for dinner?”  If you want to know how to do this, the answer is by using Decisionaire.

With Decisionaire you can easily and cost effectively, create interactive, personalized content that will improve your ability to capture solid lead data and offer prospects something new, innovative and valuable.  If you want to see how Decisionaire works, email us at management@decisionaire.com